Journal №1 2018 г.

№1 (38), 2017

Russian-African cooperation

Shubin V.G. Russia – South Africa: 30 years of fruitful cooperation and 25 years of official relations

Sidorov V.A., Fillipova A.D. International seminar on the «African vector» of the fundamental transformation of Russia’s economic structure

Abramova I.O., Fituni L.L. Adjusting the «African vector» of Russia’s foreign economic policy to the changes in the economic environment on the continent

Morozenskaya E.V. Foreign economic policy of African states in 2010s: the potential of Russia–Africa trade relations

Kalinichenko L.N. The perspectives of Russian business involvement in Africa’s energy projects

Novikova Z.S. Russian telecommunication companies in Africa

Idahosa S.O. The historical path of instability in Nigeria and the need for
a Russia–Nigeria military cooperation

In Focus: The Great Lakes District

Kochanova T.V. The influence of the regional community IGAD on the policy of Southem Sudan

Shlenskaya S.M. Burundi: vectors of political development after the 2015 presidential elections

Tkachenko K.A. Harnessing the international experience for introducing innovation technologies in Kenyan agriculture

Islam: policy and economy

Savateev A.D., Bokov T.A. Houthis uprising in Yemen: shia-sunni confrontation as a factor of geopolitical shifts in the Middle East

Fituni L.L. Islamic finance in post-Soviet Eastern societies

Mezentsev S.V. Presidential elections in Somalia and prospects of fighting
«Al-Shabaab» terrorist organisation