Uganda Foreign Policy Trends


Ariadna Pozdnyakova


The article explores the tendencies of foreign policy trends of Uganda after declaration of independence in 1962. Special attention is paid to the contemporary period that has begun since Y.K. Museveni came to power in 1986: the country has become a more active agent in the world and regional politics. Lately, Uganda has been under influence of “soft power” of the Chinese foreign policy as well as of the Indian one. Nowadays, those countries have quite noticeable positions in the Ugandan economy. The country’s elite considers that cooperation with them is more acceptable for Uganda than that with the Western countries since neither China nor India put any pre-conditions in regard to political or legal norms. Besides that, the article exposes the history of Ugandan-Soviet relations and characterizes the development of Ugandan-Russian links at present.


foreign policy, diplomatic relations, economic policy, trade, regional integration. Uganda, China, Russian Federation, refugees.




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