Russian-Egyptian economic relations: history and mоdernity


Sergey Volkov


The author for the first time generalized information on the Russian-Egyptian economic relations since the beginning of the 60th years of the 19th century so far and allocated a number of stages of their development. However, he pays the main attention to the analysis of the current state of bilateral cooperation and long-term projects, which will define the level of development of trade and economic relations in the near future.

The largest of them is the project of the NPP “Dabaa”. Four commercial contracts on this project make nearly $60 bln. According to the signed contracts, Rosatom will build till 2029 four VVER-1200 units generation 3+ of the NPP “Dabaa” in the Matrouh region on the Mediterranean coast, as well as supplying nuclear fuel throughout the plant’s entire operational lifetime. In addition, Rosatom will be conduct personnel training and will assist its Egyptian partners in the operation and maintenance of the NPP for the first ten years of its operation. Besides, the Russian side will construct a purpose-built storage and supply containers for storing spent fuel. Life cycle of this project can make 100 years.

Presidents of Russia and Egypt Vladimir Putin and Abdel Fattah el-Sisi accepted the decision in principle on implementation of other large project – the Russian industrial zone (RIZ) in Egypt – at a meeting in 2014. During this time, the parties chose the location of a zone, developed the business plan and the master plan of the RIZ taking into account stage-by-stage development of the territory and coordinated conditions of the special intergovernmental agreement on creation of the RIZ. Implementation of this project has to begin in the nearest future.

The research showed the high level of complementarity of economies of two countries, which creates strong base of further development of different forms of mutually beneficial economic relations.


Russia, Egypt, foreign trade, military-technical cooperation, investments, Russian industrial zone, NPP “Dabaa”




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