French-Egyptian Relations During the Presidential Board of Emmanuel Macron


Vasily Filippov


The author of the article examines the goals, course and results of the official visit of the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron to the Arab Republic of Egypt in January 2019. The first visit of the head of the Fifth Republic to Egypt was considered under Franco-Egyptian relations in general context during the presidency of E. Macron. Relations between the two countries on the eve of the official visit are characterized as friendly and having the potential of favorable development in all spheres. However, the negotiations E. Macron with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi demonstrated that there are unresolved and quite conflicting contradictions in relations between France and Egypt. The French side points out to partners the obvious violations of human rights and freedoms in Egypt and Egyptian diplomats, in their turn, reproach French colleagues for incomplete failure to comply with the contract for the supply of Rafale attack aircraft. The author concludes that the relations of the Fifth Republic and the Arab Republic of Egypt have a favorable development prospect, despite the outlined disagreements over the settlement of the Libyan crisis and a number of other issues of international relations.


France, Egypt, the Fifth Republic, the Arab Republic of Egypt, Emmanuel Macron, Al-Sisi, official visit, memorandum of understanding




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