The Main African Studies Think Tank in Russia


Irina Abramova


The modern world is going through the next stage of its transformation. The old world centers of power – the USA and Canada, the EU, and Japan – are gradually giving away their global economic positions to competitors, especially young rapidly growing economies. In conditions of an extremely dangerous direct confrontation between the “old” and “new” players, the geostrategic and military-political importance of the “periphery” zones of rivalry – the Middle East and Africa has increased. Currently, Africa is developing faster than all other regions of the world and has accumulated quite a lot of potential in recent years. The scientific understanding of these processes and the development of specific recommendations constitute the main activity of the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which marks its 60th anniversary in 2019. Through those years the Institute has accumulated an outstanding scientific potential, which allowed this think-tank to occupy an important place among the African studies research centers of the world.


Think-tanks, African Studies, Institute for African Studies, challenges of modernity




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