From the History of the Spread of Islam in the Territory of East Africa


Reham Madloume


The article examines the role played by Arab traders in the spread of Islam on the east coast of Africa in the 19th century. The impact of Arab culture on the modern life of the people of East African States is also being considered.

The history of the spread of Islam is more than a thousand years old; in this work, special attention is paid to the study of the period of the Muscat rule of Zanzibar, the influence of the Arabs also on the economic, social, political, cultural (linguistic) spheres of the local population (African tribes). It also examines the impact of Arab culture on the modern life of the population of East African states.

The relevance of the topic is based on the fact that at the moment there are about two billion Muslims, which makes the youngest of the world’s religions the second largest adherents, after Christianity; the origins of the spread of Islam are still of interest to scholars of the Arab world, as well as researchers of the world community. This explains the range of sources and literature chosen by the author – the works of Arab, English-speaking and Russian scientists.


Arabs, East Africa, Muscat-Oman, Islam, Zanzibar, Saeed Sayi




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