Сhallenges of Сooperation between Russian and African Small and Medium Enterprises in the Field of Innovation


Alexander Ildyakov


In recent years, international cooperation in the development and implementation of innovations has been progressing rapidly. As a result, more and more innovative products and technologies are appearing on the market. An analysis of the criteria for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Russia and African countries has revealed their heterogeneity and sometimes inconsistency, which requires the harmonization of these criteria at the level of national governments and international organizations.

The study provides a number of practical recommendations for small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in external economic activities related to the development and implementation of innovations, as well as for Russian development institutions, venture funds and other organizations. The main problems and opportunities that Russian and African SMEs may face are identified in the paper, and the key areas of their potential cooperation are suggested. The main strategic goal of cooperation between Russian and African SMEs in the field of innovation is defined as the transition from “catching-up”, imitating kind of technical progress to “overtaking” innovative development.


innovation, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), international cooperation, SME requirements, areas of cooperation, Russia, Africa




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