Receiving the Manuscripts

Receiving the Manuscripts

Articles and other materials are to be sent to the editorial office of the journal “Journal of the Institute for African Studies”  through the website of the journal (click “SEND ARTICLE TO THE JOURNAL” on our web page on Internet) or by e-mail

No fee is charged for the publication of an article.

Authors must confirm that the article proposed for publication has not been previously published, nor has it been submitted for review and publication in another journal (or give an appropriate explanation in the Comment section). Otherwise, the manuscript cannot be accepted for reviewing.

Requirements for submitted manuscripts

The following information about the author is attached to the manuscript:

    • full name,
    • the official name of the place of work, the address of the place of work,
    • position,
    • academic degree,
    • contact details of the author: address, telephone numbers, email address.

Manuscripts proposed for publication in the “Journal of the Institute for African Studies” should meet the following requirements:

Please note that the authors are responsible for the selection and accuracy of the facts, quotes, economic statistics, proper names, place names, and other information, as well as for the use of data not intended for open press. By submitting the manuscript of his or her article to the editors, the author undertakes not to publish it in whole or in part in another publication without the consent of the chief editor.

Unpublished manuscripts are not reviewed and are not returned to authors.