India-Africa relations and the common fight against terrorism


Vyacheslav Usov


India and Africa have maintained cooperation in the field of international and regional security for many years. These days both of them are suffering from international especially Islamic terrorism. Fight against terrorism was in the focus of the meetings of Indian and African leaders during third India-Africa Forum-Summit in October 2015, which resulted in a decision to widen bilateral cooperation on anti-terror activities. Among the most important measures one can note an India’s promise to help African countries providing them with specialists on anti-terror who will transmit their experience in the field to the Africans on African soil. Given the fact that both India and South Africa are participants of BRICS, and there are discussions inside that grouping on wider cooperation on security information exchange the using of BRICS potential can also be assessed as a way of enhancing India-Africa anti-terror cooperation.


Africa, India, terrorism, cooperation, security, forum-summit, BRICS


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