The historical path of instability in Nigeria and the need for a Russia–Nigeria military cooperation


Stephen Osaherumwen Idahosa (Nigeria)


The present wave of instability in West Africa, particularly in Nigeria has drawn the attention of the world; this has always had a root cause within the Nation historical path. There is a long history of conflict with evidence of myriads of causes that has led to the present spate of instability in the country. Russia’s historical connection with Africa is an important asset in developing its contemporary relations with Nigeria. Although Russia never had colonies in Africa, it made essential contributions to Africa’s decolonisation. This paper discusses the evolution of the instability in Nigeria and its policies, including the reasons for the need for a Russia-Nigeria strategic military cooperation. It pays special attention to the current state of Russia’s military capability and its needed bilateral relation with Nigeria. The aim of this paper is to examine the historical path of instability that has given birth to the present state of Nigeria security challenges and the needed Russia – Nigeria relations.


Instability, Nigeria, MASSOB, MEND, Maitatsine, Biafra, Niger Delta, Insurgency, Terrorism, Russia


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