The Economy and the Electricity Sector in the Northern Africa: Opportunities of Interaction for Russian Energy Companies


Sergey Volkov, Anna Sharova


The article provides a deep scientific analysis of the economy and the electricity sector in the Northern Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia). It can be used by Russian companies planning their strategic entry into the region’s markets, as well as the development of the bilateral cooperation in the area of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The authors provide fresh data on the development of both the economy and the electricity sector and give their own expert assessment of the facts, which is especially valuable for the practical activities of the companies. In the conclusion the authors analyze current projects in the field of construction of new generating facilities, list the main competitors in the market, and also consider the current situation in the electric power industry of each specific country in the region, highlighting the most promising areas of Russian-African cooperation.


economy, electricity sector, Northern Africa, Russian-African relations, potential areas of cooperation




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