Inclusive Economic Growth: Financial Opportunities. Case Study of the African Development Bank


Sergey Matveevskii


The article examines the opportunities of the African Development Bank (the Bank) to stimulate inclusive economic growth (IEG) in African countries. The author analyses the definition of IEG, the main areas (clusters) of operations that affect it, indicators and indices that allow evaluating IEG. The obtained data on the clusters of operations that stimulate IEG allowed the author to hypothesize that the Bank’s projects in the relevant segments of the economy should (taking into account the current level of development, existing priorities and the level of current inclusiveness in the region or country), within the framework of the current strategy of cooperation with an African country, directly stimulate the IEG. The Bank’s projects reviewed by the author, aimed at providing IEG in selected African countries, confirm this hypothesis.


inclusive economic growth (IEG), African Development Bank, country cooperation strategy, project, indicators and indices of inclusive economic growth, stimulating IEG




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