China’s Ties With African Political Parties


Tatiana Deych


This article is devoted to an important aspect of Chinese “soft power” policy in Africa. The research shows that Beijing actively uses its “soft power” tools to convince African countries to support Chinese policy. In the framework of this policy, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is developing and strengthening contacts with political parties of different countries. Now the CCP has established relations with more than 600 political parties and organisations around the world in over 160 countries and territories. These relations are most active in Asia and Africa. The Communist Party of China has set up ties with 170 political parties in 51 African countries out of 54. Although CCP strives to establish ties with political parties in all countries despite their forms of government – authoritarian or democratic. Although the CCP cooperates with not only ruling but also opposition parties, the studies show that it prioritises relations with ruling parties. The frequency of Chinese visits to Africa affirms it. African political parties are not going to import China’s model. However, their officials are often ready to borrow the Chinese governance formula and refrain from criticism of some aspects of Chinese policy in Africa. African groups have begun to establish Party-to-party relations with the CCP in the 50s. These relations are successfully developing now and allow Beijing to enhance its political influence in Africa. But the obstacle to such ties development is the Western countries’ ideological activity directed at hindering China-Africa party-to-party cooperation.


China, Africa, Chinese Communist Party (CCP), party-to-party relations, visits, seminars




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