China as a developer of railway infrastructure in Africa


Tatiana Deych


TANZAM railway (TAZARA), built by China in 1968–1976, was of great importance for the East African countries and has become a sample of Chinese-African cooperation. Then for many years China invested in rehabilitation of this road. Now it is going to connect TAZARA with Benguela railway in Angola, also built with Beijing aid. Two railways have to create East-West corridor across the all continent. China plans to include Africa into a new strategy in the framework of his project “One belt, one road (OBOR)”. At the Johannesburg summit of the Forum on China-Africa cooperation in December 2015, it was decided to develop China-Africa plan of railway construction for 2016–2020, to ensure the construction of railway networks in Africa and to resolve the problem of transnational and trans-regional railway infrastructure on the continent.


China, Africa, TAZARA, railways, infrastructure, aid, investment, cooperation


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