Spouses on the Olympus of Power: the Role of the “First Couple” in Africa, Influence of its Image on the Image of the Country


Liubov Prokopenko


In African countries, power is generally perceived as personified, in close connection with the figure of a political leader. The image of presidents is influenced by the image of the first ladies, who, in the context of political liberalization, are increasingly involved in the election campaigns of their husbands, and after their election, through their charitable foundations, in solving social problems. It is noted that some first ladies are also involved in political life: sometimes, after the resignation of their husbands, they try to realize their own presidential ambitions.

The author notes that one of the reasons for the low standard of living of the population in a number of African countries is corruption, in which presidents and their spouses are often involved. This degrades their image as a whole in the eyes of the electorate and the image of the country in the international community. The sustainable development of African states that are facing new challenges requires effective work of the president and the first lady, which brings substantial positive results to society.


president, first lady, “fathers” and “mothers” of nations, electorate, development, corruption, image, political long-livers, COVID-19




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