Civilizational Transit and Post-Coloniality


Igor Sledzevskii, Aleksandr Neklessa, Timur Khayrullin


The work is the result of the scientific events held on March 23, May 11 and September 21, 2020 by the Center for Civilizational and Regional Studies of the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Commission on Socio-Cultural Issues of Globalization of the Academic Council “History of the World Culture” under the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the topic «Civilizational transit and Post-Coloniality». The problems debated in the course of the aforementioned scientific events went beyond the issues stated for discussion and were of an interdisciplinary nature. The problem of the forms and features of Christianity as one of the most important confessions of modern Africa received special attention at the conference. The problem of the clash of secular and religious trends in the civilizational development of post-colonial Africa turned out to be of no small importance.

The work starts with an introduction, which reflects the topic, problems, purpose, as well as the issues stated for discussion. It is followed by the short theses of the conference participants, representatives of the leading scientific and educational centers of Russia. At the end of the work, a conclusion is given, which summarizes the main results of the conference.


transit, civilization, Christianity, post-colonialism, secularism, theology




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