The Ethnic Factor in the Activities of African Political Parties


Valentina Gribanova, Nina Grishina


The article summarizes the characteristics of the active influence of the ethnic factor on political processes in some African countries, where this phenomenon is among the most difficult to solve intra-national problems. The reasons for its persistence include state borders artificially created in colonial times without considering the interests of ethnic groups living in specific territories and inequal opportunities for the representatives of large and small ethnic groups to participate in the socio-political and other spheres of life of African states.

Examples of the formation of power structures based on the belonging of statesmen to a certain ethnic group are given in the paper. The authors draw attention to the fact that ethnic ties often permeate all social relations, especially clearly manifested in state administration and the activities of opposition structures, as well as playing an important role in the life of the army. To date, there are long-established mutual negative perceptions and stereotypes in interethnic contacts, which make it extremely difficult for representatives of different ethnic groups to have a dialogue. In addition, traditional relations, which are primarily based on ethnicity, do not fit well into the framework of Western socio-political standards.

The relevance of the topic is due to the growing general instability in the majority of multi-ethnic states of the African continent, leading to the aggravation of long-standing problems of the socio-political spectrum. The authors conclude that the role of ethnic ties in the formation and activity of political structures in different regions of Africa is currently very significant.


ethnic groups, politics, political struggle, traditions, interethnic confrontation, conflict resolution, instability, conflicts




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