The Tasks for Russian African Studies under New Conditions and Measures to Improve the Efficiency of Science Management


Irina Abramova


The article is devoted to the exposition of the author’s vision immediate tasks of Russian African studies and the development of a set of measures to improve the efficiency and overall optimization of the management of scientific research, primarily in the field of socio-political sciences under the new conditions imposed by the Special Military Operation, aggressive pressure and destructive steps of the united West, the general growth of confrontation on the world stage and crisis of the existing structures of world economic relations. The general main direction, both for African studies and for most other areas of domestic scientific research, is to increase the efficiency of the investments therein (investments in a broad sense, and not only financial!). In practical terms, this means a departure from artificial “numeral” and bibliometric criteria of the effectiveness of scientific activity in favor of unambiguous obtaining of the practical ultimate results, needed by the state today.


African studies, criteria for scientific activity efficiency, science management, Special Military Operation, Russia, Africa




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