Mission of the journal and editorial policy

Mission of the Journal and Editorial Policy

Founded in 1998, the scientific “Journal of the Institute for African Studies” is the only Russian periodical entirely devoted to theoretical and practical problems of African countries. Articles and other materials on international relations, political, economic and social processes in the states of the African continent, on the history and cultural anthropology of countries and peoples of Africa are published in the journal. The edition is widely recognized in Russia and in the world as a journal of social and political studies.

The journal is registered with the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Mass Communications, Communication and Cultural Heritage Protection (Certificate PI No. FS77-60887 dated 2.03.2015). The journal is assigned the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 2412-5717. Its publications are in the national bibliographic database of scientific citations of RICC. It is published on the basis of the Printing and Multiplying Laboratory of the Institute of African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The founder of the journal is the Federal State Budgetary Institute of Science, Institute of Africa, RAS, the basic organization for the activities of the Scientific Council of RAS on Africa (NSA) at the Department of Global Problems and International Relations of RAS. Since 1959 the Institute has been engaged in research of historical, socio-political, economic, ethno-cultural problems of independent states that appeared on the African continent as the result of the collapse of the colonial system. The Institute has 10 research centers. It employs 93 researchers, including 1 academician of RAS, 4 corresponding members of RAS, 20 doctors of science, 53 candidates of science, 3 professors of RAS.

The scientific potential of the Institute is the basis for the journal’s team of authors. However, in accordance with the policy of the journal to correspond to modern requirements for scientific publications of international status, the pool of authors has been significantly expanded. Recently, studies of leading Russian and foreign Afrikanists on the current and fundamental problems of the African continent have been widely published, expanding the points of view expressed on the pages of the journal. High requirements to the quality of scientific materials, accepted for publication, remain the unchanged feature of the journal.

The editors’ work is based on the premise that the authors are responsible for the relevance and exclusivity of the materials submitted for publication in the journal, for the selection and reliability of the cited facts, quotations, economic-statistical data, names of their own, geographical names and other information, as well as for the use of data of classified nature. All materials coming to the editorial office and meeting the requirements of the journal are reviewed.

The editorial board includes leading experts from the Institute of African Studies of RAS and other Russian scientific centers on economic, social, historical, ethnographic and other areas that ensure a high level of editing and reviewing. The International Editorial Board consists of experts on international socio-economic and political topics from different countries.

The Editorial Board, the International Editorial Board and the entire staff of the journal are working to improve the “Journal of the Institute for African Studies” in accordance with modern requirements for scientific publications. The aim is to broaden the dissemination of the work of Russian scientists in the world and expand their integration with the international scientific community